Business Service Management


In order to be truly accountable for the delivery of the business service, IT needs a BSM Strategy that is flexible and easy to implement. It needs to allow focused, bi-directional monitoring, reporting and control of elements, systems and services that are critical to all the enterprise functions. Such a system should be able to generate subset views of specific line-of-business assets and provide a single point of control for operations and line-of-business management.

Pillars of Successful

Digital Service Management Solution

BSM enables IT-based service providers to achieve a greater clarity across the organization about what delivers value and equips individuals and team to move together in the same direction. It means having a clear and efficient service level agreements across the business that you can measure and improve. For IT, BSM helps demonstrate that it’s part of the solution to bringing value across the business and not just a cost centre. Overall, BSM reminds companies and their people why they’re there and what their objective is: to deliver services that satisfy their customers.

Enterprise Discovery & Software Asset Management

Automated Asset Management and discovery and dependency mapping is the key to achieving the core foundation of digital transformation

Centralized Configuration Management Database

Tightly integrated with the discovery solution a configuration management system serves as a dynamically managed repository for all service models 

Infrastructure & Application Performance Monitoring

Application or the infrastructure, performance and availability monitoring tied with event analytics gives you that accurate visibility needed to maintain SLAs

Automated Incident & Problem Management

Efficient incident resolutions via auto-assignment, incident enrichment, proactive incident matching, impact analysis and other workflow automation starts here

AIOps based Business Service Management Is The Future

Today’s CIO is under increasing pressure to run IT as a service-oriented business, responsible for helping create true business value and in the making keeping cost low and quality high. This situation is the result of a number of circumstances such as digitalization, service-orientation, Software as-a-service (SaaS), mobility, BYOD etc. In addition, new sourcing models and the cloud have set the stage for faster, more responsive and more cost-effective IT capabilities. Together, these factors are requiring CIOs to build service organizations that can respond to business threats and help drive the enterprise forward.

Comparo assists you with the implementation of solutions across the organization to increase the value of IT by leveraging leading AIOps solution from our partners. They are all aimed at further automating the IT services organization and in doing so, lower the cost, enhancing the quality of the services and providing faster time to market. We: 

  • Ensure quality processes, tools and best practices to automate increasingly complex IT applications and infrastructure.
  • Transform IT organisation capabilities to provide faster resolution of service issues.
  • Delivers greater visibility into and management of the health and performance of IT infrastructure and application services.

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Our solutions are all aimed towards automating the IT services at the same time ensuring cost-effective solutions without compromising on the time to deliver or the quality of the services.

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