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Comparo solution for Enterprise Software Asset Management provides an cost effective, up to date picture of the software asset estate and gives you the information needed for proactive software asset optimization


IT management has the challenge to optimize software usage in relation to operational efficiency, cost and business objectives. To succeed, they must know what software the organization needs, how to best deploy it, what software is licensed, and what is actually being used. They must also figure out how to balance the upsides of virtualization and the cloud by ensuring optimal performance and compliance. With a highly complex and ever-changing IT estate and with increasing licensing model complexity, this task gets even harder.


  1. Our ESAM solution can prove vital when you want to be on top of your licenses. You need to know what you have bought to know what you are allowed to use. If you do not have the licenses, you should not install the software or big penalties can wait around the corner in a license audit.
  2. Comparo’s solution will assist your Software Asset Manager to know what is installed and used out in your datacenters. They can then compare that data to the licenses purchased to make sure they don’t have more installations than required.
  3. ESAM makes use of the information gathered by BMC Discovery agentless meaning you will see what is installed out there whether you knew about the server or not so you will always be on top of what you have. You just need to complete the information with what you are allowed to have.
  4. Comparo customers can at the moment get detailed information about their Oracle databases with all the installations, all Options and Management Packs as well as a detailed list of installed Microsoft Products for each version.

Value Realization

  • Gain visibility and control of your software assets
  • Drive savings and optimization in software spend
  • Secure continuous compliance with software license agreements and audit-readiness
  • Ensure constant improvement that moves you from basic software asset management to proactive best-in-class software license optimization

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