Centralized CMDB

Service Asset & Configuration Management (SACM) defines the service components and controls the configuration items throughout their lifecycle. The most important task for the Configuration Manager is to keep the scope of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) aligned with the business requirements and to secure the high data quality needed to meet the business needs. 

CMDB – Cornerstone of a successful Configuration Management

The CMDB is the key component of successful implementation of Service Management. The solution provides the granular insight of IT components and their interdependencies across the IT estate.  

 The true value of the of the CMDB investment is realized when the CI information is consumed within the Service Management processes e.g. by risk minimizing the change process through a reliable impact analysis or increasing service availability by reduced MTTR of incidents.

 In order to succeed with a CMDB initiative, high data quality over time must be secured. Automated Discovery is a key data source and a critical component to secure high data quality of IT assets in an ever-changing IT environment. Application models add business context to the infrastructure layer and provide the organization with the information needed to operate the IT business with a service-oriented focus.

 Comparo has long experience from successful implementation of SACM processes and CMDB solutions in large organizations. Comparo Managed Services deliver the know-how and tools needed to optimize solution performance and to secure the asset data quality over time.

Comparo’s Best Practices

  • Every successful SACM / CMDB initiative starts with a clear scope and goal. What does the organization want to achieve?
  • Secure management commitment and resources. The Configuration Manager and the Librarian are important resources.
  • Don’t make the solution too complex. Simplification is the key. Make use of known and proven technologies and don’t invent the wheel again.
  • Use a well-functioning and potent Discovery tool to keep the IT Infrastructure aligned and updated in the CMDB.
  • Secure Discovery coverage and access. Proactive maintenance is the key to achieve data quality over time.
  • Use the Business Application Modelling concept to understand the business context of the infrastructure layer. The models need to be robust and automated in order to deliver the trustworthiness required and at the same time minimize the cost of maintenance.
  • Consider using a step by step implementation approach where the organization gain business value from each step. Big Bang projects have a high risk of failing. Instead, start with the basics and grow.
  • Realize that the Configuration Management process and tools are the key enablers in achieving digitalization of service management. Avoid measuring ROI on the CMDB alone as the business value will be realized across all Service Management processes and especially within Incident, Problem, Change and Event Management.

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