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We enable innovation from inception all the way through to solution delivery. Our team of Program/Project Managers, Architects and highly skilled consultants provide assistance with everything from planning, architecting, deploying to the maintenance of your BSM solutions through complex, multi-product IT transformation.

Digital Transformation

Our range of expertise and services enable us to tackle complex challenges in designing and managing innovation, as well as business modeling, strategic planning, programme management, information systems and online solutions.

Business Service Management

Today’s CIO is under increasing pressure to run IT as a service-oriented business, responsible for helping create true business value and in the making keeping cost low and quality high. This situation is the result of a number of circumstances such as digitalization, service-orientation, Software-as-a-service (SaaS), mobility, BYOD etc. In addition, new sourcing models and the cloud have set the stage for faster, more responsive and more cost-effective IT capabilities. 

Comparo helps you implement solutions across the IT organization to increase the value of IT. They are all aimed at further automating the IT services organization and in doing so, lower the cost, enhancing the quality of the services and providing faster time to market.

  • We provide processes and tools to automate increasingly complex IT applications and infrastructure.
  • We enable you to transform the IT organisation capability to provide faster resolution of service issues.
  • Expert in delivering greater visibility into and management of the health and performance of IT infrastructure and application services.

IT Management

Comparo provides consultants that help our customers deliver complex IT-solutions.

Our consultants are often included as experts in composed teams in IT related business projects. Our customers are either in the business area or in the internal or external IT provider. Comparo offers roles in:
  • Program and Project Management
  • IT-Architecture
  • Test Management

Workshops and Demonstrations

We do understand the influence Proof of Concept/Value can have whole making effective business decisions and for this exact reason, we to highly support pre-sale technical workshops and solution demonstrations. By bringing together the key player we engage in strategic planning, progress tracking and execute compelling delivery management principals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Service Management?
Business service management (BSM), a method of linking critical business services to the supporting IT services and infrastructure. Once implemented, an effective BSM solution provides business level views that simplify problem detection, problem resolution and capacity planning activities. An effective BSM solution also enables proactive management of the technology that the services depend on and ensures business service availability and optimization.
How do I know if its too early for us to adopt BSM Solutions?
It is never too early if your business services are customer facing and contributing toward your organization’s success. The key to a successful BSM implementation is simple: careful planning. Planning is the most important part of any project and is critical to developing and deploying an effective BSM solution.

What business services drive company profits? What underlying IT components support each business service? What are the indicators of poor performance? What is the best strategy to monitor the health of the key performance indicators? These are a few questions that must be answered before implementing a BSM solution.

How soon can you digitally transform all our business services?
Implementing a BSM solution is a major undertaking and should not be started until you have complete support from the line of business and IT managers. Start with a manageable project and don’t try to implement a solution that tackles all your business services at once. Focus on a single critical business service and develop a framework that can be used repeatedly as you deploy future solutions.

Develop a thorough understanding of the business service and the processes that support it. For example, in the banking industry, loan applications can be initiated through various means including mail, Web, phone and in-person. Each of these methods must be examined to understand how the loans are processed and if there are different technologies that support each type of loan application. Each method should be completely understood to ensure all the underlying IT services and infrastructure are identified.

What is considered as a good BSM implementation?
First, good BSM implementations depend on a strong alignment mapping. The business metrics simply cannot be generated if the business process and underlying IT processes are not directly mapped so it could help their pro-alignment.

Second, in risk management, risk managers need to map process dependencies to get at the root cause. In BSM tools, you simply can’t turn off and on those little green, yellow, and red indicators correctly without a good dependency analysis. Thus, good BSM implementation can provide the same dependency information needed by risk management teams, both business and IT.

Of course, you could have poor wool then you get poor information, but the implementation project can at least force an organization to confront the question.

Now, third on value management, good BSM provides data to post-implementation reviews. It also provides it in the business context exactly the way the business case should have been calculated in the first place. Yes, post-implementation reviews are rarely conducted, but this is often due to poor data. A good, and I stress good, BSM implementation can overcome this and provide the data. In short, get out of the operational needs. Use good IT governance discipline. 

How does BSM strategies help IT to better align service levels to actual business needs?
The short answer is that if the business, IT management and technical dependencies are addressed correctly, then the tool makes a great place to bring together all that information. Not just some outdated inventory spreadsheets listing whatever is installed on a server. It’s kind of like planting a seed and watching it grow and then bring shade.

A BSM project is really low hanging fruit if you’ve recognized the pitfalls, in advance, addressed the prerequisites, and follow through to enjoy the shade of the benefits when the bright sun of competitive pressure the hottest. Bring it together and you’ll have a great project.

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Comparo, a trusted name in the Nordics for providing IT services since 2000.

Our solutions are all aimed towards automating the IT services at the same time ensuring cost-effective solutions without compromising on the time to deliver or the quality of the services.

Successfully enabling IT service management to large companies and public organization in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the UK.

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