In the area of Business Service Management Comparo has delivered a complete solution to one of our clients which has:

  • facilitated a platform change (time and risk)
  • helped to increase the availability of critical business systems
  • provided quality assured basis for decisions making regarding services and infrastructure


The client was in a situation where you had a rather diverging environment and was in a need of moving their core systems to a newer virtual and more flexible platform.

In order to go ahead with the move, and partly re-build their systems, the customer first felt the need to gain control of the current infrastructures and systems and also the dependencies that existed between the various components. The last thing the client wanted was to jeopardize the business.

Comparo’s solution

Comparo’s solution simplified the customer’s planning and minimized risks during the migration process. At the same time, the client is now in a position where they with limited resources has a daily updated view of their entire infrastructure, which continually contribute to increased availability through fewer incidents and better control over the entire environment with all its components and dependencies.

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