In the area of Business Service Management Comparo delivers a complete solution, which lays the foundation for the establishment of an international IT organization with common tools and processes.

One of our clients in the financial industry has a new IT organization involving several countries. The client has decided to introduce common processes for Service Asset and Configuration Management for the whole of Group IT. In the current state, the processes are supported by multiple data sources whose information is not reliable. The consequence is a lack of data for decision making that leads to incidents and unavailable services.
The client believes that well-functioning processes for Service Asset and Configuration Management are the prerequisites for a common international IT organization. Furthermore, the customer aims to streamline and enhance the quality of their ITIL-processes (Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, and Service Catalogue/Portfolio) by providing the processes with quality assured information. The customer is also establishing a transparent model for business service charge-back towards the business.

Comparo’s solution
In addition to the introduction of new processes, a common CMDB is introduced for all countries. The CMDB is populated automatically with quality assured information using a tool which daily scans the IS/IT infrastructure, from switches to business applications and dependencies. This solution results in that processes are provided with updated and accurate information, which facilitates decision-making and reduce manual work and lead times. For example, the customer now knows about how changes to a particular switch will affect the business and can, therefore, plan and implement change in a controlled manner.

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